Volker Pietzsch

Technology/ Prices

Do you have the right technology?
Quick question – short answer: YES!


Only the best equipment for the best recordings.
Digidesign Digi003, ProTools, Neumann, AudioTechnika, Worldnet Tokyo, MusicTAXI VP Pro, and Studiobox.


And for urgent recordings on the road, the iPad affords the best quality (Software: TwistedAudio – Mic: Samson and Apogee Mic)


MONEY … … it's well known that you shouldn't talk about it…
However, you should talk about it with me.


Because my prices almost always fit your needs or those of your
clients. Try it out … your wallet will be happy!


Book more – save more. Just like that.


The quality is always the highest and can therefore be smoothly Integrated into your production.


Your voice recording in the requested format is generally delivered on the day of ordering, usually within a few hours. Longer blocks of text can be delivered within 2–3 business days at the latest.


A "pure voice recording" is delivered. There is normally no further sound editing.